February 9, 2022

Words cannot describe how it feels to officially announce the Federal Government’s support of $6.4 million towards the Grace Gardens Permanent Supportive Housing project.

Grace Gardens (formerly known as the Parkview Motel located at 721 Woolwich in Guelph) will provide 32 individuals who are currently experiencing homelessness in Guelph Wellington a safe and affordable place to call home with access to 24/7 supports.  Stepping Stone is thrilled to have this project receive the funding it needs to really make it a beautiful and deeply affordable place to live for community members who have been homeless for years and struggling with mental health and addictions.

“Today is truly a day of celebration.  It takes all levels of government and community to use both heart and influence to get us to this moment in time.  This is our first step in many to meet our communities goal in ending homelessness.” – Gail Hoekstra, Executive Director

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One thought on “Grace Gardens Receives Federal Funding

  1. Dear Gail, Is there a waiting list for Grace Gardens? Is it to be staffed full time?
    I ask as I have a daughter who is severely challenged due to brain damage from epilepsy. Brain damaged in the form of psychosis.
    Also , I am a resident of 22 Marilyn Dr. and wish to know if the home will impact my neighbourhood.
    As you can imagine, I am fully aware of the need for this communal support.
    Freyette have done a wonderful job in redesigning the property.Will the landscaping and upkeep reflect the thought that has been given to the design?
    Perhaps downtown Guelph will be returned to its former glory once more of our homeless are looked after as well. Hope House in Norfolk Church and Chalmers on Quebec are doing their part along with other Guelph Churches who support.
    Thanks for choosing to do what you do.
    Gratefully, Lynn

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